15 April 2014

Fashion Revolution Day

Like many people, part of the reason I choose to make my own clothing is because fast fashion leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It just feels wrong to wear something against my skin when I don't know who made it, I don't know how much they were paid to make it, or whether they were treated fairly and humanely in the process. Of course I do still occasionally buy clothes from the shops, and when I do, I feel guilty about it. Wouldn't it be great if there were more transparency about the origins of our clothing, and if more fashion brands took ethical clothing production seriously?

On 24th April 2013, 1,133 garment workers were killed when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Bangladesh. On 24th April 2014, the inaugural Fashion Revolution Day is asking us draw attention to the uncertain - and potentially unethical - origins of our clothing. How? By wearing an item of clothing inside out, taking a photo, and contacting the brand where it was from - on Twitter, Instagram or otherwise - to ask "Who made my clothes?", using the hashtags #insideout and #FashionRevolutionDay. I think this is such a brilliant way of getting people involved and letting the fashion industry know that we care about where our clothes come from.

Maybe there's more we can to contribute to Fashion Revolution Day as makers. Perhaps we can all make a concerted effort to encourage more people to learn to make their own clothes, in order to foster understanding of the work involved in the production process (it takes aaaages to make a dress, why oh why does it cost £10 from Primark??), to slow down our collective fashion consumption, and encourage everyone to treasure what's already in their wardrobe.

You in?

Photo credits: Photographer: Keiron O'Connor / Model: Sienna Somers, Profile / Denim Dress: Komodo / Stylist: Stevie Westgarth / Make-up: Jo Frost / Hair: Eliot Bsilla