8 April 2014

Sixties Stripe Coco

Yes, it's another one (sigh). The Coco sewing pattern bien sûr, this time I made the top version with funnel neck and small patch pockets with stripes in a contrasting direction.

I'd been dreaming and scheming about creating a striped funnel neck top since seeing this Boden top and, if you follow me on Instagram (I'm on Instagram!), you'll know I started this top quite a while ago. A "while ago" in Coco terms, that is, it's usually a one-sitting make. Unfortunately over the last few weeks I've been recovering from what was supposed to be minor surgery on my foot but turned into a rather grizzly saga - I'll spare you the gory details in case you're eating your lunch - and it got worse over the last couple of weeks so I couldn't even sit up straight, let alone sew. Luckily it's starting to heal now so I can at least sit at my sewing table (and stand on one foot for these pictures) - hooray!

You may recognise the fabric from my Coco dress with yellow pockets - it's the very same, bought from The Cloth House. I bought up quite a bit of this fabric seeing as it is, quite frankly, perfect. There are plenty of other options online if you're after something similar, including from Dragonfly Fabrics and The Fabric Godmother - see also my post on where to buy knit fabrics.

Now I'm dreaming of a sleeveless version like Audrey's. Mmm... I promise I'll make something different soon though!

What's on your sewing table, please?

[Soundtrack: 'Leader of the Pack' by The Shangri-Las]