19 August 2014

Meet Laura!

Say hello to the newest member of team Tilly and the Buttons - Laura!

Yes, it's official, one has become two, it's not just me working for T&TB any longer, so I can start saying "we" legitimately without it sounding like the royal we, hahaha! Laura started working here part time just last week and is already doing a wonderful job. If you order something from the shop, Laura is the person packing and posting your goodies, and answering any queries you have. She'll also be looking after our wholesale customers, who we have just started working with. So if you know any shops who should be stocking our stuff, let us - and them - know!

Let's hear from Laura herself...

"Hello, I'm Laura! I live locally in Peckham and have just finished a degree in Surface Design, specialising in printed textiles. My current obsessions include Modernist architecture, spending hours on Pinterest and fashion blogs, charity shop splurges, glitter nail varnish and eating doughnuts. I also love anything textile- or screen printing-related, and making my own jewellery.

 Laura's textile work

I am very new to sewing myself and have only made a few things so far. However, during the final year of my degree I really embraced the sewing machine to add construction and dimension to my textiles, eventually making a top and dress for my graduate collection using my own printed and devoré fabric! Part of what appealed to me about working at Tilly and the Buttons was the amazing opportunity it will give me to learn more about dressmaking and to make my own versions of the patterns with some on-hand, expert advice (thanks Tilly!). I am also excited to get to know Tilly's lovely customers and blog readers... and to embrace my passion for organisation!

Nice to meet you!"

It's so great to have Laura here - not only is she great at her job, she's also a lot of fun to have in the studio! In the last few months, I've been working crazy hours just to get through packing orders, dealing with business admin and replying to the mountain of emails. Having Laura's help means that we'll be able to get stuck into working on new projects - ie. lovely sewing goodies to share with you! So watch this space...

I hope you'll make Laura feel welcome!

(Oh yes, and we're working in the new studio now... you'll get the tour soon-ish, and in the meantime you can get a sneaky peek on Instagram...)