22 August 2014

Your Makes!

We're swooning over here at all the gorgeous things everyone has been making with Tilly and the Buttons sewing patterns! Here are just a few recent creations...

The Megan dress pattern from Love at First Stitch has proven particularly popular lately. I LOVE the colours of these two versions by Elinor and Jenna.

A couple more Megans that I couldn't resist including. Firstly, Twinkle's, because I love the way she's taken advantage of the empire line seam design to showcase two fabrics. And secondly Isabel's dress, because yay kitties!

Ruth made a really pretty sleeveless version of the Mathilde blouse, with a cute variation at the back - check it out. Anne made THREE Mathilde blouses in quick succession (you can see them all in the maker gallery) - I love the contrast buttons down the back of this one.

beginner sewing book

Lots of people have been making short versions of the Margot pyjamas from Love at First Stitch. These ones by Cathie are ridiculously pretty, non? But they're not just for girls, as Daisy's fella is keen to demonstrate!

I squealed out loud when I saw both these photos! How adorable do Christine and Caitlin look in their mother and daughter matching Cocos?! I wanna go round their house! And Heather Lou shows that she's the style queen yet again in her simple-chic outfit... swoon!

 easy skirt sewing pattern

I love how Kath has styled her pretty version of the Miette skirt... makes me wish Summer would never end. Christine made another maxi version of the Miette skirt, and got so many questions about how she made it that she's created a maxi Miette tutorial for you!

Julie looks so pretty in this simple yellow Delphine skirt, similar to the one I wear on the cover of Love at First Stitch. Chloeti made this lovely Mimi blouse... they'd look great together as an ensemble, non?

Next time I've got a wedding to go to, I'm basically gonna copy Nicola's version of the Lilou dress (again from Love at First Stitch). Sooo pretty. Jacq made it in two different fabrics - I love how this looks! And Shauni looks stunning in her classic red version - solid colours are great for showing off the scalloped neckline and pleat design on the skirt. (Be sure to take a peek at Shauni's collared Megan dress too - cuteness!)

A couple of final things to mention. Firstly, do you remember OWOP? One Week, One Pattern? This was a challenge I set myself a few years ago - and then you a couple of years ago - to wear things you've made from one sewing pattern for seven days in a row. It's like a styling challenge for a wearable garment in your handmade wardrobe. Well, Handmade Jane has taken the reins this year, hosting OWOP over on her blog starting on 6th September. Check out the deets and get involved! If you wear one of my patterns for your OWOP challenge (I'm currently trying to decide between Coco, Miette and Delphine for mine this year), be sure to let me know!

And finally I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to all the amazing people who have reviewed my book on Amazon. I try not to get hung up on things like that but my publisher alerted me to the fact that more than 100 people have taken the time to write a five star review (whaaaat?!). It's so much more than I could have ever imagined and I really really appreciate the fact that you've taken the time to show your support for the book. You guys are the BEST! :)

Plenty more pictures of things people have made with the patterns on Pinterest. If you want to get your own creation included in the maker gallery, tweet me a pic or leave a comment on the blog with a link. I can't wait to see what you've made!

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