9 September 2014

Stripes + Stripes Coco

Coco sewing pattern

What's better than Florals + Stripes? Why, Stripes + Stripes, of course!

This is my eleventh (yes, eleventh) Coco - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 78, and 9 and 10 unblogged. So I have more than enough options to wear for OWOP, One Week One Pattern, the challenge going on at the moment in the sewing community to wear garments made from a single sewing pattern for seven days in a row. (You can follow my OWOP week on Instagram.) Maybe I should make it OFOP? Or even OMOP?

This top actually began life as a Coco sample sewn up for the step photos in the pattern instructions. I already have a similar one with a single red pocket that was made for the cover image photo, so I decided to do something different with this one. Inspired by this Petit Bateau dress, I wanted to try out using two contrast stripe fabrics. The width between the stripes on the two fabrics I used was a little different so they don't completely match up, but that's okay - I really like the effect anyway.

Now I'm itching to make a dress version too...

Are you taking part in OWOP? If so, what are you wearing?

[Soundtrack: 'Always' by Bent]