13 November 2014

#SewingFrancoise Contest!

Francoise sewing pattern

Excited about making the Francoise dress? Fancy winning one of ten amazing prizes? Enter your handmade dress into the #SewingFrancoise contest!

What are the prizes?

1st prize = a brand new Janome DKS100* sewing machine worth £500!

These are the machines we use in the studio – we love them! Fully computerised and easy to use, with 100 built-in stitches, lots of snazzy features, and a gorgeous turquoise face. The machine will be supplied courtesy of our friends at Janome. (*The contest is open internationally, but please note that, since this machine is only available in the UK, an equivalent machine will be supplied if the winner is based in another country.)

Runner up prizes = 9 people will each win a £100 voucher to spend at one of the following lovely fabric shops:

Dragonfly Fabrics
Elephant in my Handbag
Fabric Godmother
Minerva Crafts
Plush Addict
The Village Haberdashery

Prize for all entries = general glory and admiration for your creativity!

How do you enter?

To enter the #SewingFrancoise Contest:

1) Make your own dress using the Francoise sewing pattern. Keep it simple and striking, or embellish and hack the pattern to your heart’s content – your call! You have until 14th December to make it.

2) Upload your best photo of your finished dress somewhere online – whether that’s your blog, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr account – and add the hashtag #SewingFrancoise. Please make your photo at least 650 px wide. (Unfortunately - unless anyone can suggest an easy way for us to pin from Instagram - we can’t take entries from Instagram, but do upload them there as well as somewhere else!)

Hint: Great photos will help your entry to stand out – think large, bright, with a clutter-free background. Portrait photos stand out best, and photos will need to be at least 650 px wide for us to feature them on the blog. Here are my non-techy tips for photographing your makes.

3) Then email the link to wherever you’ve posted your photo to lookwhatImade@tillyandthebuttons.com so we can be sure we don’t miss any of the entries. (You're very welcome to tag me on Twitter or Instagram too so I can see, but sometimes I miss notifications so make sure you email your entry just to be on the safe side.)

The deadline to email in the link to a photo of your finished dress is midnight GMT on Sunday 14th December.

How are the winners selected?

We’ll pin links to one photo per entry on the Francoise gallery on Pinterest so everyone can "ooh" and "ahh" over your lovely creations.

After the deadline, we (Tilly and Laura) will select a short list of the entries (well, "medium list" since there are so many prizes!) that stand out for us the most and publish those photos in a blog post.

This short list will then go to a public vote so you can pick the ten winners! Public voting will close at 6pm GMT on Sunday 21st December.

The most popular entry out of the short list will win the grand prize of the sewing machine; the nine runners up will each win a £100 voucher to one of the fabric shops (allocated by us). The winners will be announced just before Christmas.


The details:
  • The contest is open internationally.
  • You may enter the contest with as many different versions of the Francoise dress as you like, but only one photo per entry will be considered.
  • By entering the contest, you grant us the right to publish your entry photo on this blog and social media.
  • You don't need a blog to enter - you can upload your entry photo to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr, whichever you prefer.
  • The Janome DKS100 sewing machine is only available in the UK. If the winner is based in another country, an equivalent or similar Janome sewing machine will be supplied.
  • Runner up prizes will be allocated by us, and we are not able to take requests for which prize each runner up receives.
  • Shortlisting and public voting is undertaken according to subjective criteria, and is not intended to rank or judge anyone’s style or sewing ability. Shortlisting, public voting, deadlines and allocation of prizes to winners are final and not open to appeal. This contest is for fun, so no dramas, please! :)
Any questions?

Go forth and start #SewingFrancoise!


  1. Ach I have to enter this competition. I LOVED these machines when I was on your weekend sewing workshop. #sewingjoy

  2. Wondering what the equivalent to the machine would be in the U.S.? Looks like a wonderful contest. Lovely dress too.

  3. This is a wonderfull dress - and I'm sure I'll be making more than one!! I haven't bought the pattern yet - and I'm not entering the competition since I'm from Denmark... Would you how ever want to have your beatifull pattern mentionede and testet for danish sewers, I would be more than pleased to test on my blog, body and sewing maschine (se my blog strikkelas.blogspot.dk) ...

    1. You can still enter from Denmark! The contest is open internationally :)

  4. How to pin images from Instagram.com to Pinterest
    Folks can pin to Pinterest from Instagram...

    1. Go to http://www.instagrabbr.com/.
    2. Enter the instagram username of the person's pic you want to pin.
    3. Locate the exact picture you want to pin + click on it to open it up.
    4. "Pin" the image to Pinterest as normal.

    NB: Once it has been pinned to Pinterest the image will automatically link back to the instagrabbr.com website... however if you EDIT the image on Pinterest (from say a PC/Mac rather than a smartphone) you can paste the original/true web-address link from the Instagram-users'a page into the SOURCE field/box and then hit SAVE CHANGES - the pinned image will now link back to the Instagram page instead :-).

    1. Thanks Claire! My brain is currently fried from work overload so I can't quite process this at the moment, but I'll read it properly another time :)

  5. I would love to enter. To bad the alternative one is not the lovely turquoise one.

  6. Talking about the beautiful sewing machine. New to your pattern and just love the designs.

  7. I can't tell you how excited I am to make this! Pattern and fabric ordered. Fingers crossed my version works out :)

  8. Super excited about this dress!!! Just ordered it. Been looking for something just like this! Thanks!

  9. Definitely need to do this! It's about time I make a new dress for myself. The only question is, what fabric to use....

  10. Oh Tilly! She is so adorable! and I just received the cutest fabric in the mail today - a vintage green poly with white polka dots. I think they could be a match made in sewing heaven!!

  11. This is too cute, Tilly! I'm going to try to make this in a knit fabric, to keep me warm during the chilly Swedish autumn/winter :)

  12. Oooh I want to enter! This is such a cute dress and that is one sexy sewing machine! I currently sew on a John Lewis mini, so could certainly do with an upgrade haha. I'm starting your Megan dress tomorrow though, so I'll have to wait til I'm done with that!

  13. Tilly, although I am in love with Françoise pattern, I wasn't sure to enter the competiton because I am still learning how to sew. I didn't want to sew this great pattern until I am more skillful. However, today's discount allured me, thank you for the JINGLEBELLS! I will be in the competiton :)
    Greetings from Turkey, http://terzibegum.blogspot.com.tr/

  14. Hi!

    Amazing contest! I was wondering if I can change some how the sew-pattern, for examples adding long sleeves and make the dress longer than I see in your photos :D

    What if I already have a sewing pattern like yours?
    Shall I buy it for partecipating?

    Thank you so much,

    and this is my blog, where I collect my first experiences with the sewing machine :d

  15. Gosh! how did I miss this post? I am afraid it's too late to participate...what a shame but I'm looking forward to see all the Frenchy dresses from France ;)



  16. Hey, Tilly! My Françoise dress is ready and I am so happy to enter in the contest. I loved the pattern. It´s very well designed. I had so much fun sewing and shooting it.

    Thank you! Please, come to see my photos in my blog.

    Viviane Basile

  17. Hi! I entered my dress yesterday evening. I hope to see it on the board today. Thank you, Tilly!


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