4 November 2014

Shopping for Sewing Patterns

We love it when you buy sewing patterns from our online shop! Did you know you can also buy Tilly and the Buttons patterns from a whole list of other lovely places too? (Look! They're in Liberty's!)

We've been working hard behind the scenes ("we" meaning mostly Laura) to get the patterns out into the world so you have more choice where to buy them. This may be helpful for you if you're looking to buy fabric at the same time, or if you're not based in the UK and want to order from somewhere nearer to you to reduce shipping costs.

Here's our current list of lovely stockists below. We're limbering up to release our fourth sewing pattern (well, ninth if you count the patterns in my book), so if you can think of somewhere else that you'd love to see our patterns stocked, please let us know! Ooh and tell them too :)

If you have a shop yourself and are interested in selling Tilly and the Buttons sewing patterns - or if you are a sewing school interested in teaching with them - drop us a line on wholesale@tillyandthebuttons.com and we'll send you our wholesale information...

Needlefruit - Brisbane
Sew Squirrel
Stitch 56

Pand 42 - Sint-Niklaas, Antwerp

Fabrications - Ottawa, Ontario
Spool of Thread - Vancouver, British Columbia
The Make Den - Toronto

Arrow Workshop - Toulouse
Fifi Jolipois - Toulouse

Stoff & Co - Munich



Backstitch - Cambridge
Badger and Earl - London
Carolyn Rose School of Sewing - Leamington Spa
Elizabeth Rose NI - Armagh, Northern Ireland
Emporia Fabric & Crafts - Ashford, Kent
FabriMake - Aberdeen
Fenwick - Newcastle
Guthrie & Ghani - Birmingham
Liberty - London
Purple Stitches - Bramley, Hampshire
Ray Stitch - London
Sassy Sewing - Horncastle
Stitched By You - Upton Grey, Hampshire
The Eternal Maker - Chichester, West Sussex
The Little Fabric Store - Louth, Lincolnshire
The Sewing Room - Inverness
The Stitchery - Glasgow

Fancy Tiger Crafts - Denver, Colorado
Finch Sewing Studio - Leesburg, Virginia
Fiddlehead Artisan Supply - Belfast, Maine
Gather Here - Cambridge, Massachusetts
Grey's Fabric and Notions - Boston, Massachusetts
Harts Fabric - Santa Cruz, California
Nido - Burlington, Vermont
Sew LA - Los Angeles, California
Sew Modern - Los Angeles, California
Stonemountain & Daughter - Berkeley, California


  1. It would be nice if there was an outlet in north and north west England. How about trying John Lewis and Abakhan? Liz

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion! They're in the North East - if you're near Newcastle you can buy them in Fenwick's - but not yet the NW...

  2. That's great! Thanks so much for sharing this list. I didn't realize that your patterns were available in so many places. That is very helpful. You are such an inspiration. I am just amazed at how much you have accomplished in such a short time.

  3. Merci buckets for this! Me and my sewing machine live half way up a mountain the Pyrenees, so I'm super excited to have discovered two new haberdashery shops in Toulouse...and best of all they stock your patterns!

    Are any of your skirt of dress patterns (paper or in your lovely book) suitable for sewing with 100% wool cloth? As a spinner and knitter, I'm only recently branching out into dressmaking, and would love to make something for the winter using one of your gorgeous patterns!

    1. Hurrah! Do you mean wool knit that you've knitted yourself?! Or woven wool? You can make Coco in wool knit if it's not too stretchy, or the Delphine skirt (pattern in my book) would be great in woven wool fabric. Enjoy!

    2. Yes, woven wool :) (Although I do have plans to knit myself a skirt and/or dress sometime soon, even if it means casting on 300+ stitches - eek!)

      Oh that's super to know I could make a Delphine or a Coco - they are my two favourite patterns! Thanks ever so much for getting back to me :-)

  4. wow can't believe your patterns are stocked in liberty! (can you tell what a diehard liberty fan i am?) i'm going here in a couple of weeks so i can finally pick up mathilde :)

  5. I Love Needlework in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada would be a great stockist. They are big supporters of indie designers and pattern makers. http://iloveneedlework.com/

    What a coup and thrill to see your patterns at Liberty!!

  6. You can even buy your Book (German Translation) in Switzerland. It was a happy surprise when I spotted it in the book shop. Congratulations on the huge success of your books and patterns and living your dream.

  7. Wow great Congratulations Tilly. I'm going to a basic stitching course for women and we all discussed about you and your patterns and how amazing they are.Many congratulations on your success.

  8. Hurrah! I bought my Coco pattern at Liberty about a month ago...just choosing my fabric now for my first Coco dress!

  9. Hello Tilly,
    I recently purchased the Coco pattern and am about to cut my first version of it but I suddenly got confused: are the seam allowances included in the pattern, or do we need to add them when cutting the fabric? How much do we need to leave? I read the instructions many times but somehow I haven't found an answer about this. Thank you in advance and congratulations for all that you have achieved so far.

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