31 October 2014

Hear me chatting on the Modern Sewciety Podcast

Do you listen to sewing podcasts? I've started listening to them recently while sewing - whether at home at the weekend or on a marathon session stitching samples for the new pattern (it's at the printers!).

I love sewing podcasts for two reasons. One is that I find that they really help me sit and stay focused on my sewing, and less likely to get distracted by my to do list - or, let's face it, checking social media. The other reason I enjoy sewing podcasts is that it's like listening to friends having a chat... about sewing! And sewing businesses! Which are my two favourite subjects, obvs.

I was chuffed to be interviewed by Stephanie recently for the Modern Sewciety podcast. She's such a passionate champion of the sewing community, and just so lovely to chat to. I've been enjoying her podcasts for a while now, so during the interview I kept having to remind myself that I wasn't listening to a pre-recorded episode featuring someone else, it was me she was talking to so I needed to respond to her questions!

If you want to hear me chat about sewing, how Tilly and the Buttons grew into a business, and what goes into putting together a book - oh and getting seriously confused about dates ("I quit my job a year ago... no - six months ago! But it seems like ages ago..." Err yes, that's because it was actually over a year ago, hahaha!) - then you can listen to it here.

And if you want to find out more about the podcast's host, I interviewed Stephanie a few months ago, so go read more about her.

Ooh and if you've just found this blog from listening to the podcast - welcome! If you're interested in finding out more about some of the things Stephanie and I chat about, you might like these links:

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Bon weekend, tout le monde!