29 December 2014

Best of the Blog 2014

It's time to review the year that was! This blog had over 3.5 million visits this year, and these are some of your and my favourite posts of 2014...

Sewing knit fabric on a regular sewing machine

Lobster skirt for Sew Dolly Clackett

Hello Coco

Five common sewing machine mistakes and how to fix them

Where to buy knit fabric

A Summery short sleeve Coco hack

How to sew a skirt lining

How to cut fabric without cutting your pattern (much)

Make the Brigitte scarf

Sewing in a shared space

Lovin' Lola

Getting a craft book deal

Love at First Stitch: The patterns

Photographing your sewing projects

Sixties Stripe Coco

Tips for turning your hobby into a business

Introducing the Francoise sewing pattern

How to design your own fabric

Studio tour!

Bow back Nettie

I'm enjoying dreaming up ideas for blog posts in 2015. Anything in particular you'd like me to post about? I'm always open to ideas so you can leave your suggestions below or tweet me. Have a very happy new year!


  1. What an amazing year 2014 has been for you - congrats!

    I've relocated to London and yet to transport my machine down with me. I've really missed sewing - here's to 2015!

  2. I only recently stumbled upon your blog this year (and it's inspired me to take up sewing again, even starting my own blog).

    I love all your sewing tutorials, and follow alongs, they have been so helpful for me! As well as the useful insights you give on where to buy fabric (the online options have been great, not living inside London).

    Really looking forward to the new year!

  3. I love your blog, thanks for sharing with us all your knowledge, you did a lot this 2014, your patterns are very pretty, I just had bought one, the COCO, I love how it looked on you, but in me I didn't like that much, perhaps I have big breast and that shape is not for me :( , but I love your stripped Coco . I hope the best for the next year! I will continue reading you from México!

  4. Thanks for the recap. I love the sewing with knits post. Very informative and something I really need. Happy New Year.

  5. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year Tilly! Amazing to look back at how busy and exciting 2014 has been, I've loved reading your posts and am hoping to put some of your tips into practice soon! Here's to a fabulous 2015! :-D x

  6. what a fabulous year you've had Tilly! So glad to have been a part of it and thank you for so many well written and informative posts! happy 2015 to you!

  7. How about a tutorial on pleats? How to measure and how to get sexy pleats and not frumpy granny pleats! X


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