12 December 2014

Sewing Bloggers and Readers of the World, Unite!

Photo by Joost De Cock
A couple of weeks ago I went on a fabric shopping trip to Paris. To Paris! 

I got the Eurostar with my friend Freya and headed straight to the Eiffel Tower, where we joined about 25 sewing bloggers and readers from around the world - from the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Finland, the US and Canada (did I miss anyone?). I love blogging meet ups - it's always great to catch up with old chums and meet new ones. I love the fact that you can walk right up to someone you've never met before and start touching up their outfit, rubbing the fabric between your fingers and sighing, "Ooh... silk habotai..." Ordinarily that might be a creepy thing to do to a complete stranger, but luckily people who sew are (for the most part) exceedingly lovely and friendly.

Plus, who else will march round fabric shop after fabric shop with you for two days without getting bored? No one! Many years ago, I lived in Paris for a year, but I wasn’t into sewing back then, so I had no idea what to expect from the fabric shopping scene when I returned this time. Mon dieu, it was amazing!

Tea at Maison Sajou
Meeting one of our lovely stockists, Carine from Lil Weasel

Carmen organised a cracking schedule for us on day 1, complete with maps, Champagne pizza dinner (you can't get better than that) and amazing goody bags, which she'd machine embroidered with our names - so sweet!

I stayed in an apartment that Kelly booked for us, along with FreyaEmmie and - all the way from Nashville, Tennessee - Lauren! I love those ladies. Not only are they AWESOME to hang out with, but they are so colourful that you can't lose them in a crowd.

Idea for a programme - Eight sewing bloggers and a baby
Vanessa and Annabelle from Anna Ka Bazaar / Julie from Jolies Bobines
On the second day a few of us hardcore fabric shoppers wanted more, more, more. We kicked off at my dream shop, Anna Ka Bazaar, where we were met by Julie (kindly indulging me in the above photo with her signature pose), who kindly showed around some other gems of town.

This is what I came back with. How incredible is that hand-print fabric? I'm thinking it'd make a super cheeky/creepy coat lining.

Planning a fabric shopping trip to Paris? This is where we went.

The trip whetted my appetite to go on more international fabric shopping trips. You coming? Where shall we go next?