28 July 2021

How To Sew Bias Binding (+ video tutorial!)

Bias binding is a lovely, tidy finish for your makes, concealing your raw edges and neatly tucking them away. It's useful for creating a neat finish on seams that aren’t attached to anything else and don’t have a facing. In this blog post and accompanying tutorial video, I’ll be showing you how to sew your bias binding to the neckline and armholes of our Skye sundress sewing pattern. But this tutorial will apply to any garment where you need to sew with single fold bias binding - woo!

For Skye you want to look for a 10-13mm (1/8-1/2in) wide single fold bias binding, approximately 20-26mm when folded flat, if you want to buy it pre-made, or a lightweight cotton if you want to make your own. If you have some lovely suitable fabric scraps calling your name, learn how to make your own bias binding with our step-by-step tutorial and video. 

With your bias binding ready, let's get into the tutorial...

Take the folded bias binding and start at the shoulder seam or underarm seam if you’re attaching bias binding to an armhole. Leave 10-20mm (3/8-3/4 inch) of binding overshooting the starting point.

Open one side of the folded bias binding and pin in place all the way around the raw edge of your garment, right sides together. If you have stay stitching make sure the binding fold is just past the stay stitching so it’s hidden when stitched.

Pin the binding ends together and trim the excess. Stitch the binding ends together, trim the seam allowances and press them open. Pin the remaining binding to the raw edge.

Stitch the binding to your garment, with the needle in the channel of the fold closest to the edge.

Trim the seam allowances slightly, being careful NOT to trim the binding. Clip into the tightest curves to help them sit flat once the binding is turned inside.

Press the bias binding and seam allowances away from the bodice and under-stitch. Don’t forget to check out our tutorial on under-stitching for more information and guidance. 

Press the binding to the inside of the bodice, rolling the seam line slightly so the binding isn’t visible on the outside. Pin the inside fold of binding to the inside of the bodice.

Edgestitch the binding to you garment, close to the inside fold and give your finished bias binding a press. 

And there you go, a lovely neat bias binding finish, featuring our Skye sundress sewing pattern! Bias binding can be a really satisfying sewing task and I hope this tutorial helps you to feel more confident with your sewing project. 

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Author: Nikki Hoar & Abi Dyson
Photos & Video: Abi Dyson