4 August 2021

It's Got Pockets! FREE Pocket Pattern Round up & Inspiration!

One of the BEST things about dressmaking is that you can choose to add details that matter to you. If you're anything like us, pockets are a must for everything we whip up! If you want to add (more!) pockets to a project, we have a few templates and step-by-step instructions you can use to increase your pocket count. 

Did we mention these pocket pattern pieces are FREE to download? Stick around until the end of the post for even more pocket possibilities that might just be waiting for you in your pattern stash already. Oh yes, it's pockets galore at TATB!

Hip Pockets

What's better than three pockets on your Mila dungarees? FIVE pockets on your Mila dungarees! This add-on Mila dungarees hip patch pockets would also work for any bottoms with a waistband, so take this pattern and run with it! It's such handy addition to your pattern hacking arsenal - you won't want to make trousers without them once you see how many bits & bobs you can stash in them... 


Download the Mila hip pocket pattern / Visit the tutorial & original blog post

Coin Pocket

This pocket pattern piece is a must for any denim makes. Originally created for our Ness skirt pattern, a coin pocket will heighten the jeans-inspired detailing on this classic skirt or whatever project choose to sneak it into. And there’s no such thing as too many pockets, amirite?

To make your coin pocket look as sharp as possible, you'll need to practise your topstitching skills. Fear not, we've got a tutorial video to help you out of course. You're so ready to rock a contrasting topstitch and a denim Ness skirt is the place to take on the challenge.

Download the Ness coin pocket pattern / Visit the tutorial & original blog post

In-Seam Pockets

In-seam pockets are the ultimate pocket in our opinion as they can be stitched into the side seams of trousers, jumpsuits, skirts or dresses. You wouldn't even know they're there from the outside as your in-seam pocket is neatly hidden in the side seams, but are so handy to include in your makes. We rarely sew a skirt without them now!

As one of our most popular blog posts, we've updated it to include a step-by-step sewing tutorial video. Once you've nailed these simple steps, you'll be grabbing your in-seam pocket pattern piece for all your makes. 

Download the In-Seam pocket pattern / Visit the tutorial & original blog post


That covers our current selection of FREE pocket pattern downloads but that's not where the pocket inspiration ends! If you've got your paws on some Tilly and the Buttons patterns already, you'll likely have a selection of pocket patterns to hand. So why not have a dig through and see which pockets you can pinch to hack your next make?

Check your pattern stash for these...

Stevie Add-on Patch Pockets

For the only patch pocket you'll ever need, look no further than our Stevie Add-on pattern! Like we've done on our photoshoot sample above, patch pockets are a great opportunity to play with the placement of your print, especially stripes! 

Great on any skirt, dress or even trousers (our Safiya playsuit from Make It Simple perhaps?), the possibilities with this super simple pocket are endless.

Bobbi Flap Pockets

Along with our adorable coin pocket, utility patch pockets elevate your denim makes! Our Bobbi pinafore and skirt pattern has a selection of three pockets with optional flaps. Play with your placement as these small utility chic pockets look great on the bum and on the front of tops and pinafore dresses like ours above. 

Alexa Utility Pockets

Similar to the Bobbi pockets, the optional pleated flap pockets of our Alexa jumpsuit are a lovely detail to add to your makes whilst also being practical with their button-down flap. Not just for heavier weight fabrics, these pleated pockets work beautifully on fabrics with more drape like the Tencel used in our above sample. 

Cleo Patch Pockets

Our Cleo pinafore pattern has your patch pocket basics covered with one large or two small patch pockets on the front, and/or two small patch pockets on the back. These pockets are perfect for customisation like embroidery or adding a pin badge (maybe not on the back ones...) or a small woven patch!

How many pockets are too many pockets? The limit does not exist! 

I think that's enough pocket inspiration to get the creative juices flowing for one day. So when it comes to plotting your pocket options for your next make, you shouldn't be short of ideas now.


Author: Abi Dyson