11 January 2023

Abi's Recent Makes and Sewing Plans

Abi's Recent Makes & Sewing Plans

This time last year I was writing a blog post sharing my 1960s-inspired handmade Martha wedding dress with you - how time flies! It's Abi here, the content producer and social media Button. I don't know about you but at the start of the year, I'm always fired up and ready to sew some new projects. I find it easier to sew when the days are longer and there's more daylight in my sewing space. So with lighter days on the horizon, I'm ready to rejuvenate my sew-jo!

Grab a cuppa and let me share my recent makes and some* of my upcoming sewing plans with you:

*The rest is top secret until spring! 

Marnie sewing pattern

I never thought another sewing pattern could compete with my love for the Martha dress pattern. Then the Marnie blouse and dress came along... 

So far, I have a collection of six Marnies, including the sample made during the instructions photo shoot, which I pinched from the studio. I'm obsessed with all the optional dreamy details, and it can be a pretty speedy sew when you leave them off. Each version I've made (all shown in the video above) is different from the last in its own way.

Marnie has well and truly become a staple in my wardrobe! Maybe I should take a break? Nahhh.

Coco sewing pattern
Pearl sewing pattern

I'm on a stretch sewing kick at the moment, with sooo many gorgeous fabrics in the shops it's hard to resist. At one time my fabric stash was largely viscose, but these days knit fabrics are winning!  

The patterns I'm thinking of stitching up next to keep me warm this winter are the iconic Coco dress, the Pearl wrap cardigan and a snuggly Stella hoodie and joggers set from Tilly's book Stretch!

Abi's Recent Makes & Sewing Plans

I hope you enjoyed the video looking at my recent makes and what I'm going to be stitching soon. See you next time!

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Author: Abi Dyson