9 November 2010

The Betty Draper Suit - finished jacket!

Finiiiiiiished! The jacket, that is - I couldn't wait for the skirt to show you the fruits of my labour.



A reminder of the original pattern...

... and Betty Draper wearing her version.

Clearly I haven't spent as much (any) time on my hair, but here I am in my version. So as not to look like a footballer's wife, I went for a more sober aubergine colour.


I just love those scallops! Tutorial here in case you missed it.

I even attached shoulder pads! Because I'm an eighties power woman. Got some funny looks at work today.

Like the lining, sir? This is the pièce de résistance!

My first attempt at lining anything, and there was no lining pattern so I had to draft one, but it was surprisingly easy following Tasia's wonderful tutorial. When I'd stitched the lining to the shell, turned it right sides out and saw that it had actually worked - that it really looked like a lined jacket - I nearly cried, I was so happy!

I have to admit that before I began sewing I'd never thought about linings or knew what they were for. So I did a bit of research, and to spell it out for anyone else who has never pondered this earth-shattering question, linings exist to:

1) Hide the construction inside a garment - especially useful for complicated pieces like jackets
2) Add a comfortable layer to stiff fabrics, or add weight to lighter fabrics
3) Lubricate (ahem) - provide a slippery layer to reduce wear and tear to the garment shell
4) Make the process of pulling a garment on and off easier (okay, so this one is a bit tenuous)
5) Make the garment look pretty and feel lovely and to make the seamstress feel all smug and professional!

My smug face.

I did have some trouble sourcing interesting linings though. I got this one from some random website, but ideally I'd like to stock up on some polka dot linings or some other slightly more interesting patterns. Does anyone have any recommendations of places to get them (preferably in the UK)?

And finally, check out my new labels! Everyone over at Crafty Christmas Club has their own labels, don't you know.

Hope you like it! Skirt up next. I've cut out the Jenny skirt from Burda, just need to find some time to make it up...

[Soundtrack: 'Sorrow' by David Bowie - no sorrow here though!]