29 November 2010

Jenny skirt for Betty jacket

A bit late, but here it is, the Jenny skirt I made to go with the Betty Draper jacket. I thought this would be a super quick project, but it ended up taking aaaaaaages. I've been really busy, so have been snatching 20 minutes here and there to get it done in time for my cousin's bar mitzvah. I was still stitching the hem the night before. When will I learn?!

The fitting took quite a while. I created a muslin in Swedish tracing paper which I thought would be useful for future iterations of a versatile pattern. But once I'd spent an age tweaking that, the real version still ended up too big so I had to fiddle around with that one too... and then couldn't be bothered to repeat those on the muslin, thus rendering it ruddy useless! The problem was balancing up the fitted look with the ability to sit down in it. This may just be an issue for those of us with an ample derrière, but if you know any tricks for adding roomage in the back, do share!

And here's the finished suit. I doubt I'll have many more opportunities to wear it together, but as separates it's very wearable.

[Soundtrack: 'Love's Mood' by Django Reinhardt]