20 November 2010

Too. Excited. About. This. Pattern.

Have you ever bought a pattern that keeps you awake at night dreaming about the possibilities of what it could become? Well have you? Of course you have. V8413 is that pattern for me. Every so often a wave of excitement comes over me and I find myself sprinting into the room where my patterns are kept* to... well... just stare at it.

And as with most of the big brand patterns, the illustrations and photos aren't particularly appealing, but just imagine this in a Joan Holloway jewel-toned double knit (thanks Gertie!) with a brooch at the neckline...

Swoon! The middle one with the cowl neckline is actually the exact same design as a cream crepe dress I bought from H&M a few years ago which I absolutely adore, but can't quite squeeze into anymore. But here's visual evidence of me in it a few years ago at a Hitchcock-themed party to celebrate the end of my MA course (I'll leave you to guess who I'm supposed to be. And yes, that is a wig.)...

I've got some other projects lined up ahead of this, but I'm hoping this will be a nice Christmas project to work on. Now all that's left is to decide is what colour to make it in. Bottle green? Aubergine? Mustard yellow? Chocolate brown? Jet black? Help!

* I feel I should clarify that this room has other functions, it is not purely a for storing patterns... although I won't judge you if you do have such a room. I'll just be jealous.

[Soundtrack: 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' - Elvis version]