4 February 2011

Friday Finds no.7


Now, I know this post is supposed to be about what I've enjoyed reading on the blogosphere this week, but I have to admit that I hadn't read any blogs this week until last night, when I had a quick scroll through my blog reader to compile this post. Sorry if I missed anything amazing! I've just started a secondment at the V&A and have been a bit overwhelmed adapting to the new work routine. In any case, these are my picks from what I read on Thursday night:

Stitchywitch alerted me to some new vintage style patterns from Butterick (like the one above)

- Molly made a darling detachable collar. Blog crush!

- Remember how Sølvi turned the Sencha blouse into a dress? Well now she's turned the Ceylon dress into a blouse! So, so lovely.

- Rebecca shared some mesmerising embroidered lithographs

- Janice wrote an informative post on which necklines suit which face shapes

- Sherry posted a tutorial on drafting a pleated skirt pattern

Hoping to get some sewing (and serging!) done this weekend. What about you?