18 February 2011

Friday Finds no.9

Tulle Era Dress

Phew! I didn't think I'd make it but I finally managed to pull together the hits for this post. Hope you've been having a good week. I have had another weird and wonderful week, facing immense hurdles but also meeting some incredibly inspiring people. Speaking of which...

- Hearts are a flutter and proposals are being demanded after Anthropologie launched its sister wedding dress shop. I'll have this one above, please.

- Jennifer embellished a thrifted cardigan with felt flowers, making it bloomin' marvellous (sorry)

- Jacki wrote a great post sharing some vintage sleeve style inspiration

- Colette Patterns does it again, with a tutorial on embellishing a top with a pretty lace yoke

- Nette made an adorable owl pin cushion

- Lots of upcycling inspiration over at Wardrobe Refashion's successor, Refashion Co-op.

Off to Karen's Walthamstow blogger meet-up tomorrow. Are any of you going?


  1. That wedding dress is gorgeous. See you tomorrow - yippee!

  2. Stunning wedding dress! I love that it's just a little bit different to most wedding dresses. The lace yoke tutorial is pretty awesome too!

    Happy weekend ;)

  3. Thanks for the links, I really want to make one of those owl pincushions now. I'm also going to the Walthamstow meet-up, can't wait!

  4. Luvin' the sleeve link (thank you!).

    I'm coming along to E17 tomorrow tote-ing my soon-to-be-empty-no-more trolley behind me as I go LOL!

    Are you going along with a wish-list in mind, or like me just seeing what grabs your eye :)?

  5. Thnaks for the links, they are all great.

  6. BHLDN had me drooling...

    I shall be there tomorrow! See you then!

  7. You always find such great links! I adore the flower sweater!

  8. Oh, I fell in love with this dress, too! It is sooo beautiful, right? Makes me want to marry right away...hihi...thanks for having me in your links Tilly! Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  9. Hello! I love the flower cardi - I'd been thinking of flower decorated cushions, but looks great worn!
    I'm going to be there tomorrow & can't wait to meet everyone (with shopping list to try to keep me on track ...)

  10. That was my favorite of the Anthro wedding dresses too! Thanks for the link to Refashion Co-op - I'm so sad about the end of Wardrobe Refashion.

  11. Thanks for sharing! I'm swooning over the Anthropologie wedding dresses!

  12. Thanks for taking the trouble to look for all those beautiful inspirations. Love especially the felt flower garden cardigan , it will be watching on my wish list soon.

  13. wow! makes me want to get married all over again!


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