27 February 2011

Work in progress... and my first sewing accident

Today is not my day. I've got the sore throat from hell. Honestly, I never knew sore throats could be this painful. I've been mainlining linctus and frantically squirting anaesthetic into my mouth in an effort to breathe. I was in no fit state to attempt to attach the lining to my third (yes, third!) Beignet skirt, but attempt I did, and this was the result:

"Where's the needle gone?" you may be asking yourself. Well, half of it went AWOL and the other half landed in my cheek. That's right, I was using the zigzag foot with the straight stitch. Luckily it's only a little scratch. I'm so thankful it didn't go in my eye! I have learnt my lesson. No more sewing until I am well. Boo.

Go on then, cheer me up - what's the worst sewing accident you've ever had?

[Soundtrack: 'Hero' by Regina Spektor]