5 April 2011

Beauty shop!

Urgh, I'm so bored with my hairstyle at the moment. But it's taken me so long to grow out that I'm not quite ready to chop it into a crop again... yet... What's this got to do with sewing? You may well ask. Well, I'll admit it's tenuous, but I'm thinking about sewing a dress or two for weddings coming up later in the year, and I need a good hairstyle to go with the dress. You see? I've been saving some links to hairstyle tutorials to inspire me and thought I'd share them. I haven't gone as far as trying any of them out yet, but I just love watching other people do their hair, particularly if they have a delicate touch - so hypnotic...

Princess Grace curls

How to finger wave

Styling maiden braids

Easy, romantic updo

How I do 1940s hair

Pin curls - beginner's guide

The eternal roll

Do you do your hair in snazzy styles? Any favourite tutorials you wanna share?


  1. Its not vintage adult hair but I follow a number of blogs that cover kids hair (got 2 girls with loads of hair) and they are very good at showing techniques some of which can be applied to adult hair.

  2. I put my hair in pin curls last night. I even have a hair net on! OH thought this was hilarious. The results had better be worth it, that was the uncomfortable night's sleep I've had in a long time!
    Ashley x

  3. I have very thin curly hair which just won't hold a style. My hairdresser keeps trying to convince me to get it chopped to chin length to give it a bit of shape and volume... but it's taken me YEARS to get it to this length and I'm not ready to make that decision either!

  4. Aaargh! Thanks a bunch Tilly! Have just spent a good 40 mins watching hair tutorials.(The Grace Kelly lady is very good!). So much for a time and motion study, ha ha!!

  5. I've been meaning to find some online hair tutorials - thanks! I'm desperate to find a decent vintage hairstyle that my hair will actually hold - it's so ridiculously straight that I recently had it permed, and it was back to normal after 3 washes!

  6. Thanks Tilly, this is perfect timing. I too have a wedding to go to in the summer and need my hair to look a bit more glam than its usual poker straightness. x

  7. I pincurled my hair for my wedding and I think it turned out okay. I need to try pincurling the front rolled up rather than down on my head though...if that makes sense... But I'm like you, growing out my hair and now getting bored with it. Must resist chopping it off.

  8. An easy but effective look for weddings (if it's long enough) is to put it into a low ponytail, then take roughly 1cm pieces of hair, spray with hairspray, and then twist until they twist back on themselves, then pin. Do this for all the strands (you might need to add extra pins at the end). Like this.... http://www.cylex-uk.co.uk/rev_images/news/pic_wedding-hair_434383_large.jpg

  9. I'm having the same dilemma, after failing continuously with pin curls. Argh, to cut or not to cut??

  10. I know what you mean... I get bored with my hair regularly (which isn't really a style perse--I usually just keep it long and layered at this point. Though it needs a trim!). :p A style I've been loving lately--and is a bit different from my norm--is this pretty/quirky side bun: http://citified.blogspot.com/2010/11/holiday-hair-how-to-side-chignon.html So fun! Especially when tucked under a little summertime hat: the side bun is quite cute peeking out. ;)

    Aw, and thank you for including one of my tutorials--I'm honored! :)

    ♥ Casey

  11. I like these tutorials:

    Lots of inspiration there :)

  12. Lovely post - made me wish I had hair again - only not my ACTUAL hair, but my fantasy hair. Sigh. Sadly what grows out of my head is curly, messy and NEVER looks as lovely as other people with curls, so I cropped again after another curly experiment a few months ago. No doubt in a couple of years I'll be bored again, and go through the whole process again!
    Oh well, a girl can dream, and I loved the Princess Grace and the 40s dos!

  13. Spooky, I was just thinking i wanted to try a 50'2 wave or 30's curls in my hair! Thanks for the tutorial links i didn't know where to start!

    I usually just do the same thing with my hair everyday, but then I'm lazy, and now finally i want to try new things

  14. anything from lisa freemont street for vintage looks and casey's elegant musings for everyday wear.

  15. at this time of year I always get hair restless. should I cut it shorter or keep it growing? In summer I tend to keep it longer and pull it up, that is cooler. but I can't help if a short-short style would be better. the last time I cut my hair impulsively after having a baby. actually it was more work so I will likely keep it long. Lots of words to come to the same old conclusion. Geeez

  16. Gah! It's almost evil that you all posted all those hairstyle sites! The only style I considered was which color hairband I'll wear that day.

    So much inspiration!


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