5 April 2011

Beauty shop!

Urgh, I'm so bored with my hairstyle at the moment. But it's taken me so long to grow out that I'm not quite ready to chop it into a crop again... yet... What's this got to do with sewing? You may well ask. Well, I'll admit it's tenuous, but I'm thinking about sewing a dress or two for weddings coming up later in the year, and I need a good hairstyle to go with the dress. You see? I've been saving some links to hairstyle tutorials to inspire me and thought I'd share them. I haven't gone as far as trying any of them out yet, but I just love watching other people do their hair, particularly if they have a delicate touch - so hypnotic...

Princess Grace curls

How to finger wave

Styling maiden braids

Easy, romantic updo

How I do 1940s hair

Pin curls - beginner's guide

The eternal roll

Do you do your hair in snazzy styles? Any favourite tutorials you wanna share?