8 April 2011

Launching the Sewing Productivity Project

I'm so glad some of you are interested in joining me in my quest to find out how to become a more productive stitcher.

If you're joining in, what we'll do is this:

1. Keep track of your sewing productivity for one or two weeks. We'll keep the timeframe flexible so anyone can join in whenever it's best for them. Things you might want to note in your sewing diary:
- How many hours per day/week do you sew?
- What are you spending/wasting the rest of your free time on?
- When you do sew, how do you feel before, during and afterwards?
- What factors are you aware of that impact upon when you make time to sew?
- What are you learning about sewing productivity from this process, if anything? What tips can you share?

2. Write up your results as a report (or series of reports) on your blog. If you don't have a blog, you could leave a comment below. Earn yourself some extra geek points for graphs, pie charts, or... surprise us! Most importantly, don't forget to include your tips on productivity.

3. Once we've got a critical mass of productivity tips, I'll compile an uber list of productivity tips for us all to share.

To help me keep track of who's taking part, it'd be good if you could link to your post(s) on the subject in the comments below. If you'd like to add a button to your blog, you can grab the code below (hope it works!)

Let's go!

[Soundtrack: 'C'mon Billy' by PJ Harvey]