19 April 2011

Plans and Schemes and Sewing Dreams

How is everyone getting on with the Sewing Productivity Project? I'm going to continue keeping my diary for a few days longer as my sewing productivity has dipped to an all time low and I really need something to report on. I know. I'm rubbish. But I do have quite a good excuse, honest. I have been oh so busy with this fellowship thing I'm doing, working on lots of different projects and generally feeling like my brain is going to explode. However, I'm finishing my V&A secondment this week and I'll have a few days to play around with. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into some sewing. Just you wait, I'm going to be soooo productive - especially with all the productivity tips we'll have compiled.

In the meantime, here are some of my Spring project plans that I've been daydreaming about...

1) Middle view of Simplicity 7431 (from 1976) in Nani Iro Fuccra double gauze:

2) A second version of Ceylon in mystery bargain fabric from Walthamstow market:


3) Has anyone made Oolong? I'm pondering trying it with this other mystery market fabric. Or should I try making a Sencha dress? Or a Swing dress? Hmm... :

4) I need your help with this one - what pattern could be worthy of this INCREDIBLE Alexander Henry  cotton lawn?

I definitely don't want this to go to waste on a second rate project, so it has to be perfect. Ideas welcome!

[Soundtrack: 'Will Anything Happen?' by Blondie]


  1. Oolong is going to be gorgeous with that fabric and those buttons! I look forward to seeing it :)
    Ashley x

  2. OOOHHHH I realle adore Colette's patterns. When I've finished and handed in my BA thesis I'm going to order some of her patterns, I really like Ceylon!!!

  3. Weird, I just ordered the Oolong pattern two days ago! I've hardly seen any versions of it, so would love to see somebody else give it a go. What about a 50's style evening top with the peacock feather fabric? Something super chic. I agree, it's so beautiful you can't make a rash decision! x

  4. Oooh, I love the vintage pattern. Wouldn't suit me at all but on you it will be just beautiful. Reminds me of the Cadury's Flake adverts for some reason.
    I think your peacock fabric need something with simple clean lines and few seams, so as to let the fabric speak for itself. Full skirted 50's dress with a bateau neckline. Cap sleeves. Plenty of gathers at the back of the skirt...that's what I can see. Bit cliche'd?

  5. I love the brown fabric, decisions are hard to make with such lovely fabric on the line. The sewing productivity project has taken me down a unexpected path and open my eyes to some things. I have posted about the first half of this project on my blog and plan to post again in about a week. Thanks for doing this project, hang in there!

  6. I love the Simplicity 7431 pattern! Adorable. Deciding can be so difficult sometimes, but I think I agree with Miss P about clean lines for the peacock fabric. Good luck!

  7. I really like Miss P's idea for the peacock fabric, but I also think that the Swing dress pattern could make it sing!
    LOVE the polka dots paired with the Oolong pattern, can't wait to see it!

  8. I really love that Alexander Henry fabric and think that another Ceylon would be beautiful made of that.

    There are several of versions of Oolong here: http://www.flickr.com/search/groups/?w=935793%40N25&m=pool&q=oolong

    Looking forward to seeing your lovely creations, Tilly. :)

  9. I have renamed my productivity project as an accomplishment project. seems less pressured:0 I have managed to do more this week than I thought, but way behind where I want to be. I am anxious to hear others tips and techniques to improve their rate of accomplishment!

  10. Fun projects! I recently blogged about my Oolong dress if you'd like to read about my experience with it! It comes together nicely, but I'd recommend going at least a size up from what you're used to with CP. Snug fit.

    And I have that same Alexander Henry peacock fabric! I plan to use it on the Decades of Style 1948 Siren Sundress, fun for summer :)

    I can't wait to see your 1970s dress! I'm going to be on the lookout for that pattern - super cute!

  11. wow to all of it! I love the simplicity pattern, I am hoping very soon to put together a groovy chicks 60s 70s sew along, this would be perfect, (something fun like a picture group)!
    All your others are very elegant.
    I know what you mean on the productivity front, it is school holidays here in the uk and the sun is out, my sewing has taken a back seat some what so I'm charting for 2 weeks.

  12. DaneMum - good luck with your thesis, just think about the lovely sewing you'll be able to do once you've finished.

    Miss P - great idea, but unfortunately I don't have enough of it to make a full 1950s dress. I could do a skirt, top or more fitted dress though.

    Jane - good idea, I'll have a look out for suitable tops.

    Sarah - thanks for the link!

    Amanda - your Oolong dress is lovely! And the Siren Sundress is perfect for the peacock fabric. I need to find something similar.

  13. I love that vintage Simplicity 7321 Dress pattern Tilly - and the fabric you've chosen will look fab for it :)

    Re: the green fabric & the Ceylon dress pattern will you plan on using some white piping or something to show off the lines/pieces of the dress - they might get lost in the busy pattern otherwise :)?

  14. Tilly, I am so excited to see these projects lined up ready to sew. They are going to look great! I love the brown fabric with the buttons, and that peacock fabric looks very similar to the one I made a dress from:

    I think that fabric would look great as a skirt or dress, maybe even a circle skirt? Good luck! Sam xox

  15. What a great list of projects! You should make your peacock fabric in a dress that matches my peacock-fabric dress!

  16. I have been dying to make the Oolong, but I agree with Jane, it seems like no one is making it! Do we feel like it will be flattering on people with curves? The Colette Patterns model looks amazing and she is rather curvy. I love your version, Amanda, and thanks for the fitting tip!

    The peacock pattern is amazing. Maybe a tunic? I don't know! It's like trying to look into the future sometimes, isn't it?

    Just posted more about sewing productivity. It's hard, but I persevere! http://strugglesewsastraightseam.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/captains-log-42011-and-giveaway-winner/

  17. That's a very cute Simplicity pattern, and I like the fabric you've chosen for it! Can't wait to see it all finished up!

    Also, major polka-dot love. Especially with those cute buttons...!

  18. Claire - that is a brilliant idea. I was thinking about how to make the pieces stand out and also about piping as a technique I haven't tried before, but it never occurred to me that the second is a solution to the first!

  19. Tilly, did I miss this? What will be the contrasting fabric for the Simplicity pattern?

  20. I love this green fabric. So looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it !

  21. Tilly I have the same Alexandra Henry cotton lawn (I've had it since the fall) and cannot decide what to make with it. Michael Levine had it made up in a dress back in October for display. . I'm not sure the drape on the dress was correct. . .


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