19 April 2011

Plans and Schemes and Sewing Dreams

How is everyone getting on with the Sewing Productivity Project? I'm going to continue keeping my diary for a few days longer as my sewing productivity has dipped to an all time low and I really need something to report on. I know. I'm rubbish. But I do have quite a good excuse, honest. I have been oh so busy with this fellowship thing I'm doing, working on lots of different projects and generally feeling like my brain is going to explode. However, I'm finishing my V&A secondment this week and I'll have a few days to play around with. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into some sewing. Just you wait, I'm going to be soooo productive - especially with all the productivity tips we'll have compiled.

In the meantime, here are some of my Spring project plans that I've been daydreaming about...

1) Middle view of Simplicity 7431 (from 1976) in Nani Iro Fuccra double gauze:

2) A second version of Ceylon in mystery bargain fabric from Walthamstow market:


3) Has anyone made Oolong? I'm pondering trying it with this other mystery market fabric. Or should I try making a Sencha dress? Or a Swing dress? Hmm... :

4) I need your help with this one - what pattern could be worthy of this INCREDIBLE Alexander Henry  cotton lawn?

I definitely don't want this to go to waste on a second rate project, so it has to be perfect. Ideas welcome!

[Soundtrack: 'Will Anything Happen?' by Blondie]