15 May 2011

Blogger Meet Up on Goldhawk Road

Exact numbers are a subject of contention and may never officially be confirmed. By my calculation, it was at least 40. 40 sewing bloggers who hit the 13 fabric shops of Goldhawk Road in West London at 2.45pm yesterday.

Karen of Did You Make That? had arranged for a few of us to meet up, and by some bizarre coincidence, or cosmic alignment if you prefer, The Sew Weekly British contingent were planning a meet up of their own, on the same day at the same place!

As you can imagine, meeting so many sewing bloggers in the flesh was pretty exciting. Add 13 fabric shops into the mix, and you have one pretty awesome afternoon. Karen has written a hilarious post summing up the day, so I'll just let my photos do the talking...

"Calm down, Zoe!"

Handmade Jane and Scruffy Badger coordinated outfits

Portia and Zoe share an Essex joke

This was the point where Catherine, Pia, Laura and I got physically stuck in the fabric aisle

Dibs wins the shopping!

Inspecting the finish on the bags Karen was handing out - flawless French seams!

Having learnt my lesson from previous fabric shopping blogger meet-ups (fabric + bloggers = overenthusiastic purchasing), I was extremely restrained and limited my purchasing to this beauty above, which I'm going to make into a simple Toast-style A-line or shift dress.

Heartfelt thanks to Karen for organising another fantastic meet-up. It was so lovely meeting everyone, I'm just sorry I didn't get time to chat to each of you properly. Next time!