19 May 2011

Me-Made-June... On the Road

I'm excited to say I'll be participating in Me-Made-June '11! Each day in June, I'll be wearing at least one item that I have made myself, joining a bunch of other stitchers in this challenge to celebrate our homemade clothes. I've loved following other bloggers' Me-Made-Months but as a relatively new seamster I've thus far shied away from participating. Having taken an inventory of my self-stitched clothes, I think I'm now ready to join in... hopefully without resorting to my homemade pyjamas too many times!

Oh yes, and for the first week of the challenge I'll be on the road, on a research trip to San Francisco and Washington DC. I'll be a busy bee, but have of course factored in a few days holiday to explore, so if you have any tips - fabric shops or otherwise - please do share. First stop, Maker Faire - woop!

I've asked three of my favourite bloggers to write guest posts while I'm away. I'm so excited to see what they come up with! Look out for the first one on Sunday...


[Soundtrack: 'Fun Fun Fun' by the Beach Boys]


  1. Have fun Tilly, I am with you on the MMJune thing. A year is not long to accumulate projects, but you seem to have a nice amount. I have been making blouses and skirts to wear for everyday. Good luck with your travels and MMJune.

  2. Oh boy!! have a nice time the US. I'm sure you'll have fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the sewing related stuff you come back with.

  3. have a great time. it must be so rewarding to be able to share your amazing creations!

  4. Have fun! I've been wanting to participated in a Me-Made-Month, but I need to do more practical sewing first! I do have a beignet pattern on its way to me. :) Hopefully mine will turn out as nice as yours!

  5. It looks like you're going to have a great wardrobe to draw on for the month. Lovely!

    Enjoy the US :)

  6. Can't wait to see what you wear. While you're in DC you have to go to G Street fabrics. Everything is so pretty.

  7. Ooh, how exciting (the trip & the me-made month), I dream of being able to complete a me-made month!

  8. I live in San Francisco and unfortunately our fabric stores aren't anywhere close to being as great as in NYC or LA. Here'a a good list though:
    1) Britex -- designer fabrics...extremely high prices, and sometimes very overbearing salespeople.
    2) Fabric Outlet -- (17th st/mission), a giant basement full of fabric that is usually marked down. They're having a 40% off sale on fabric until the end of May I believe.
    3) Discount Fabric -- (11th st/Howard), a warehouse type of fabric store with pretty much all sorts of fabrics at all price ranges.
    4) Satin Moon -- (2nd ave/clement) a small but nice store with quality fabric, cheaper than Britex, more expensive than Fabric Outlet.
    5) Fabrix -- (2nd ave/Clement), this is where end bolts go. They have a constantly changing selection, with quality of fabric being poor to awesome. Pretty inexpensive. Linings all $.99/yard (and they give generous yards).

    Enjoy your time in SF, make sure to bring walking shoes since we have tons of hills. SF may be a small city, but the hills make it seem like you're walking more.

  9. When you're in the DC area, if you're looking for company at G Street, let me know. I haven't been there in years, but would love to go now with new seemstress eyes. (Versus clueless teenager eyes.) I'll see if I can't find out about more resources in that area.

  10. So good to have you on board! Your inventory looks beautiful. Have a great trip to San Fran. Have a burrito in the Mission district and don't forget Britex!

    'See' you when you get back!

    Zoe xxx

  11. Hi, TIlly!

    I don't live in DC, but, since I've been there a couple of times, I have come across a fabric store to recommend: Exquisite Fabrics! :)
    It's in Georgetown, and it is not cheap (although not as obnoxiously expensive as their online selection would lead you to believe), but their fabrics are lovely. If you happen to go to Georgetown, you should definitely pay this store a visit.

  12. Have a great trip Tilly. A bit more jersey and you'll be sorted ;)

  13. This is so cool! I want to join!

  14. Hurray for Me Made June! I'm debating about whether or not to join. Just don't know if I have enough time every day to document my outfits.

  15. Jess and Seeks - ooh I went to G Street Fabrics last time I was in DC (in March). It's amazing! I don't think I can justify another trip there as it was a bit out of town, but thanks for the tip-off.

    Kat3rina - wowzers, thanks! Just a question of which one(s) to go for!

  16. Have a great trip! I was in SF last week and went to Britex. OMG HEAVEN. It's four floors of fabric and notions goodness. The 4th floor is where all the remnants are, and they have a lot of really good sized ones. Everything is well marked, so you know where to go to find what you're looking for. Some of it is quite pricy (like $50/yard Liberty) but there's reasonably priced fabrics as well. Even if you don't buy anything, they place is just a feast for the eyes! And don't miss the button grab-bags on the 3rd floor!

  17. Hey Tilly, nice to know you are coming to Washington DC. I live in Maryland, and a few of my favourite fabric stores have folded up, but good thing Jo-Ann Fabrics in Greenbelt, Maryland is still there. They carry a good selection of fabrics, and almost all things artsy and craftsy. Enjoy yourself!!


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