4 August 2011

The Artists Only Dress

I was planning to add a fancy embellishment to this dress but on second thoughts I went with simple - the print has enough going for it, non?

This is McCalls 2401, a pattern I'd highly recommend for beginners, being the first garment I made. A trusted, easy project for me, but I inserted my first invisible zipper so I have been able to tick something off my techniques list. The fabric is a lightweight cotton I was very excited to find at the Goldhawk Road Fabric Fandango. I haven't got the world's best knees, but I've had to leave my vanity at the door as this project was crying out for a late 1960s-style shortened hem. It's cool and comfortable for Summer, and I'm looking forward to cracking open the coloured tights with it come Autumn. Peacock blue, burgandy, mustard yellow...

"Ooh yeah, tights!"

[Soundtrack: 'Artists Only' by Talking Heads]