17 August 2011

My Vintage Pattern Collection

I thought it was about time I took a little inventory of my vintage sewing patterns. I've collected these over the last year or so from charity shops, antique shops, eBay and as gifts from friends. I've dated as many as I can, but there are a few for which I haven't yet identified years - if you know the answer, please share.

I've sewn up relatively few of them, but I love just looking at them just as much as making them - holding a piece of sewing history in my hands and thinking about the people who have owned it before me, what stories may be behind the pencil marks and scissor snips on the pattern pieces. Aren't they dreamy?

Simplicity 3263 (1950)

McCalls 8861 (1952)

Simplicity 4255 (1953)

Le Patron de Paris (?)

Simplicity 1011 (1954)

Advance 8622 (1957?)

Advance 9050 (1959)

McCalls 6120 (1960?)

Simplicity 6162 (1965)

Simplicity 7032 (1967)

Butterick 3030 (?)

Butterick 3354 (?)

Style 2587 (?)

Simplicity 7341 (1976)

Simplicity 7915 (1977)

Woman 432 (?)

And finally, the oldest of the bunch...

Standard Fashion Co. 7661 (c.1910)

[Soundtrack: 'Honey Bee' by Muddy Waters]