28 September 2011

Bow Belts of the World, Unite!

Last year I wrote a tutorial on how to make a bow belt. Since then, I've emitted a little yelp of excitement each time I've seen that someone somewhere across the globe has actually followed the tutorial and made their own. It's high time I showcase some of the lovely belts that other people have made. Here are a few of them...

Lauren's gingham version looks awesome cut on the bias

A black bow belt like this one by Hayley would work with so many tops, skirts, dresses...

Christine's red belt looks stunning teamed with the matching pleats of her dress 

Lizzy's blue version adds a nice touch of definition to this full skirted vintage dress 

 Refugee Crafter kept her bow nice and square for a more modern look

I adore this corduroy version that Joanne made for her gorgeous Beignet skirt. And check out how amazing corduroy-covered buttons look!

If you've made a bow belt, I'd love to see it! Do leave a link below or email me a photo. Maybe I'll have enough to do another post at some point...

[Soundtrack: 'Day Dreaming' by Aretha Franklin]