16 September 2011

Refashioned Lace Blouse


It's time to reveal my effort for The Refashioners project! I remade this lace skirt that Portia sent me into a button back blouse. My favourite details are the black satin collar and the Louise Brooks-esque buttons. You can read all about the upcycling process on Portia's blog, and make sure you check out what the other Refashioners - CaseyKarenZoe and Dixie - made as the are all soooooo awesome! I feel honoured to be in such talented company! 


This project has definitely revived my interest in upcycling. Someone commented on one of my previous blog posts that they thought refashioning was for intermediate or advanced stitchers only. It's not, I promise! It can be as simple as making a few adjustments to the seams, which I did as a novice with my Granny Chic Skirt. In fact, it's often much easier than making something from scratch as you only need to do a few tweaks. Yay!

[Soundtrack: 'Creole Love Call' by Adelaide Hall]