7 September 2011

My Sewing Chores Shame

Why is it that I can happily spend a whole month making a dress from scratch, but I can't find five minutes to stitch up a hole in a beloved blouse?

What is it that makes a self-declared sewing addict stay up late into the night mulling over the choice of seam finishes on a home make but not blink an eye at the trousers that have been sitting on her sewing table for three months awaiting hemming?

And speaking of hemming, how can this sewing machine fiend spend two years sleeping in a room with a curtain looking like this?

What makes a grown woman attempt to hide a much-needed cushion project behind their bedroom door?

How on earth can a pile of clothing needing adjustments pile up so quickly?

Sewing chores. Bores!

[Soundtrack: 'Whatcha Gonna Do?' by Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters]