12 October 2011

Crafty Christmas Club 2011!

Are you thinking of making your own Christmas prezzies this year? Well, you'll be excited to hear that Crafty Christmas Club is back!

What is it?

A group blog for people making their own Christmas prezzies. A hub to discuss your crafty plans with likeminded people, gain inspiration from other craftsters, share tips and tutorials, and show off your finished goodies without spoiling the surprise to family and friends who might be reading your own blog.

Why would you spend time making presents? Isn't it easier just to buy them?

Well yes, it is easier to buy them. But I know I'm not the only one who feels a little nauseous at the thought of all the frenzied consumerism that goes on during the festive season. Who wants to spend the whole of December battling the crowds in the shopping centre? I'd rather sit at home crafting a little something by hand, investing that extra bit of love and care into it. Stock up on fabric and glitter, invite some friends over to join in the fun, load up your favourite music, pour out the sherry, warm up the mince pies... bliss!

What kinds of crafts does it cover?

Sewing, knitting, paper crafts, crafty food gifts, jewellery, decorations, fancy wrapping, cards... and lots of other craftiness.

Sounds like a genius idea! How can I be part of the fun?

Why thank you, kind sir! Read the blog and follow our progress at craftychristmasclub.blogspot.com. If you want to post to the blog, you can become a member by emailing craftychristmasclub at g mail dot com and I'll set you up as an author. If you've got your own blog, send me the link and I'll add it to the list of members. Ooh and help spread the good tidings by adding the button to your blog:

I don't celebrate Christmas - can I still join?

But of course! If you're making Hanukkah prezzies, Winter Solstice prezzies, or any other winter season prezzies for that matter, do join us!

I'm expecting a Chrimble prezzie from Tilly this year. I'll just hop on over and have a look...

Woah! Stop right there! The point of having a separate blog is not to spoil the surprise. No peeking!

Join us... join us... join us...


  1. I've been waiting for this post! Fantastic! :)

  2. What if you're only making some of them? See, we have a large family. Last year, I made 12 pairs of jammies, two dolls, and a stuffed turtle. It was insane. I refuse to do it again. I am, however, making presents for a few people. Two pairs of jammies, a stuffed frog, and three dolls this year. Much better than last year! Everybody else is getting store bought because I just can't handle the insanity again.

  3. Ooo, exciting, I didn´t join in on the fun last year (although I did make a majority of the gifts I gave, so I am looking forward to joining in on the fun this year! yippi! :-)

  4. "who feels a little nauseated"

    When I read "Christmas before Halloween," I thought how consumerist. But for crafts it makes perfect sense.

    What a nice idea.

  5. I too ahve been waiting to join in, Christmas Yipee!

  6. Ooh, this is brilliant. I'm new to the blogging world, so didn't know about this last yeat. I'd love to think I can make things this year, but am hoping I'll be packing stuff in boxes in preparation to move house... I'm determined to come up with some ideas though. Hopefully this will be enough to get me going!

  7. Once I know whether I will actually put my craft ideas into action this year, I might join! I just browsed through all the entries from last year and am feeling very inspired!


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