19 October 2011

Pillowcase Dress Challenge Meet-Up!

What are you doing on the evening of Tuesday 6th December? Do you fancy sewing some stuff for a good cause in a lovely venue while chatting to other sewing bloggers and drinking cocktails with names such as 'Mrs Pepper Pot'? Erm, yes please!

Alison from Peggy's Pickles got in touch to tell me about a great initiative she is involved with. She's set herself the challenge of making 52 dresses out of pillowcases to send to little girls in countries such as Malawi and Kenya who don't own any dresses themselves. She's doing it for Dress a Girl Around the World campaign run by Hope 4 Women International - you can read about her motivation here.


On 6th December from 6.30pm, you can come to Drink Shop & Do in London and embellish some of these dresses that Alison has made - bring along ribbons and other bits and bobs to prettify them with. Or you can make a dress or two yourself using this tutorial.

Plus you get to drink one of these...

If that isn't motivation enough, allow me to indulge in some false advertising - I have no idea if Karen or Carly are planning to attend, but here is a reprise of a lovely photo of them making stuff at Drink Shop & Do. This could be you:

Hope to see you there!