9 October 2011

More Bow Belts Made by You!

Since my last post about bow belts, yet more people have got in touch to tell me they've made their own following my tutorial. Check out how lovely these are...

How gorgeous is this wool version made by Liz for her Lady Grey coat?

I sense a theme with the red and navy combo... this lovely crisp belt was made by Sarah

Miss Katie made a bow belt for this awesome refashioned a thrifted dress - read about how she added the piping

Megan made this colourful belt out of leftover quilting fabric

Mimmi has made three of them, no less!

Fancy a quick and easy Sunday project? Here's the tutorial.

Bon dimanche!

[Soundtrack: 'Fine and Mellow' by Billie Holiday]


  1. Ooh, I love that wool one.

  2. Wow, yet another batch of gorgeous bow belts...I really need to get involved in the action!

    I love Liz's wool one, it looks so great on her coat!

  3. You are inspiring me...perhaps a bow belt on my maxi formalwear skirt?

  4. oh how cute are this bow belts, i´m gonna make one too for the next dress i make i think. especially the coat and the red dress are so fabulous with this belt!!!
    love and kiss,mary


  5. Great job ladies ! And that Lady Grey, what an excellent job !! x I may have to make one of these myself :-)

  6. Thanks for including me Tilly :)

  7. I missed the tutorial, those belts look so cute I will have to have a go!

  8. All the belts are lovely,but I must say I would like to do the red one with piping

  9. So many great belts! Wool & red w/ white trim are my favorites...I sure wish I had a waist!


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