3 February 2012

Chocolate Buttons Button-Back Blouse

Golly gosh, it seems like about three years ago that I started this project! Okay, maybe more like six or seven weeks ago, but that's a long time in sewing land. I really do plan to stick to my resolution to sew more this year, but I've had a particularly frantic and stressful couple of months. I'm hoping things will quieten down by March, when I shall unleash the inner sewing beast, oh yes...


So this is the third iteration of my self-drafted button-back blouse pattern, and I have to say I love it so! This time I added tucks on the yoke and finished the collar with a facing. It has pearlised vintage buttons running down the back. The fabric is a beautiful bargain from Walthamstow Market with a lovely drape that I starch-sprayed the hell out of to make it easier to work with. No idea how it's going to hang after the first wash - we'll see!

I really love the colour of this blouse, which I have named the Chocolate Buttons Button-Back Blouse. It looks quite nice with the soft yellow of my Banana Sweetie Skirt (what a tasty pairing - yum yum) but what I really want to make now is a mint green or baby blue wool pencil skirt to wear with it. What would you wear with this?

[Soundtrack: 'I'm His Girl' by Friends]