11 February 2012

One Week, One Pattern: A Group Project?

Does anyone want to take part in a little group project?


One week last year, I wore homemade Beignet skirts all week. I posted about it here - One Week, One Skirt Pattern. I was thinking that I'd like to do something similar this year, wearing M2401 shift dresses all week or Jenny skirts all week or self-drafted button back blouses all week... And then I realised that it'd be quite fun if other people were playing along too with their favourite sewing patterns too.

Is anyone up for joining me? As a group project or challenge or whatever you want to call it?

Many sewing patterns get made up once - if that - and spend the rest of their lives on the shelf. And then there are the special few which are so versatile, wearable and totally gorgeous that they get made up again and again. The names PendrellSorbetto and Ginger have entered the stitcher's vernacular, even if you haven't made them up yourself. Even more bizarrely, some of my non-sewing friends will comment on my "Beignet" rather than my "skirt"! (Ooh that sounds rude.)

We should celebrate these patterns! With the One Week, One Pattern project, the (mini) challenge comes in really pushing the boundaries of the pattern's versatility, finding new and creative ways of restyling similar-looking garments so it doesn't look like you're basically wearing the same outfit all week. Or maybe you've only made one version of the pattern and want the added challenge of wearing the exact same garment all week... and not spilling wine all down it...

I could pick a week in March if people want to do it at the same time, although there's no reason to have any time restrictions so you could basically pick your own week if you like. Also, you could do it as many times as you like with different sewing patterns. I could create a blog page or some round-up posts with photos and links to different people's posts showcasing their week of wearing one pattern.

It'd be fun, non? Restyling our homemade garments, checking out what each other are wearing, wondering when someone at work is going to notice that you're basically wearing the same thing all week...!

Let me know if you're up for it and, if enough people are, I'll write a proper post about it with practical details and a button or something. If you've got any bright ideas for snazzy titles for the project/challenge, that'd be good, as at the moment the rather dull and perfunctory working title is 'One Week, One Pattern'. Also any other thoughts about how to make the project awesome!

Ooooh exciting!

[Soundtrack: 'Baby I'm in the Mood for You' by Odetta]