19 February 2012

Thinking in Shapes Skirt

I've named this the Thinking in Shapes Skirt, but there wasn't really too much thinking involved - or at least not the type of thinking I usually do. And that's the point. My research project is taking up all my mental energy at the moment, so I wanted a sewing project that would prove super simple, one I could dabble with during short breaks between writing to let the right side of my brain come out to play while I allowed the left side of my brain go duuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh... Have you ever turned to sewing at times like that?

It's made from some upholstery fabric that I bought in Ikea a couple of years ago with the intention of making cushions but never did (quelle surprise!). The project was originally intended to be a gathered skirt following Gertie's great tutorial. The fabric is perfect for this skirt in one way, as it's nice and stiff, producing a wonderfully full silhouette. It is so thick, however, that when I started gathering it the thread snapped - so I decided to pleat it instead. One of the benefits of working with geometric print fabric is that you can use the lines and spacing of the shapes as guidelines for cutting and folding, which is really useful when it comes to pleating and hemming, for instance. The hem is finished with a fancy topstitch because I couldn't be bothered to hand slip stitch it because I decided to add a decorative feature.

Ooh I'm really pleased with this skirt! What sewing project are you working on at the moment?

[Soundtrack: 'Day Dreaming' by Aretha Franklin]