5 November 2012

Fabric Shopping Splurge

Erm... so I bought quite a lot of fabric this weekend. Alas, I couldn't make it to Birmingham for Marie's Rag Market meet-up, but Handmade Jane and I nipped down to Goldhawk Road for a couple of hours. It's only the second time I've been, and it was a great opportunity to stock up on a wonderful selection of reasonably priced fabrics. In particular, I purchased a few drapey poly fabrics, which can be tricky to find in central London or online. I returned with a LOT of stuff but all great value and no random purchases - I know what I want to do with every single piece...

In every shop we went into, I kept gravitating towards polka dots, red, kelly green and monochrome. We made a joke out of it, but actually I think it's a really positive sign - to be confident about your "signature style" and stick to it, rather than returning home with a random selection of colours and prints. So I make no apologies about the fact that over the next few months you'll probably see a lot of navy and red polka dots, or monochrome pairings; nor will I feel embarrassed that there are three different types of chocolate brown polka dots in my fabric stash!

Do you have a signature style that guides you when fabric shopping? Or do you prefer to see sewing your own clothes as an opportunity to experiment with colour and print? Do tell!

Thanks Jane!

[Soundtrack: 'Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)' by The Shangri-Las]