22 November 2012

What's On My Sewing Table...

Do you remember that sewing pattern splurge I had a few weeks ago? Well, you'll be pleased to know I've cracked open at least one of them! I originally planned to use a double knit for New Look 6000 after seeing Jane's drop-dead gorgeous - and snuggly - gorgeous and snuggly version. But then the Fabric Godmother (aka Josie) waved her magic wand and sent me this super duper navy polka dot stretch cotton which, let's face it, is rather up my street. So I'm making version E in that, a rather nice, simple shift dress with three quarter length sleeves and turned up cuffs. 

The question is, what colour buttons should I stitch onto the cuffs? Usually I'd go for red with navy, but I've been overdosing on that colour combo recently so wouldn't mind choosing something different. Not white, that would look a bit weird with the white spots in a different size. Mustard yellow? Would that restrict what colour tights and necklace I wear with it? Should I keep them matching or leave them off altogether? Thoughts, please!

And yes, I'm now sewing this dress 15 minutes at a time! It really is turning out to be a manageable (potentially life-changing?!) approach.

As ever, please let me know what's on your sewing table - I'm nosy like that. Oh and if you're reading from the US, happy Thanksgiving!

[Soundtrack: 'Night of the Swallow' by Kate Bush]