15 November 2012

Sewing Social no. 3

Who wants to have a Sewing Social Twitter chat on Sunday? The last two chats have been a great way of interacting in real time with a group of likeminded people passionate about all things stitchy. And did I mention that we were trending higher than #Euro2012 football?! Join us!

Sunday 18th November 2012
8 - 9pm London / 3 - 4pm New York / 12 - 1pm LA etc

What if you live in Australia/Asia and will be asleep at that time?
The lovely Inna from Thewallina and Other Creatures is again coordinating a branch of the Sewing Social especially for Asia Pacific residents who would like a time more convenient to them. Hooray! Those times are:
2 - 3pm Tokyo / 12 - 1am South East Asia / 10.30 - 11.30am India / 4 - 5pm Sydney / 6 - 7pm Auckland
We'll then link it all up and share results.

On Twitter using the hashtag #sewingsocial
My Twitter name is @TillyVanilly if you want to follow me ready for kick off, and Inna's is @thewallinna
Tip: Tweetchat is a really useful platform for following hashtag threads without having to refresh the page

What shall we talk about?
The theme for this Sewing Social is fitting sewing into a busy life. So often I hear people say that they’d love to sew but they’re too busy. In fact, I often say this to myself too! Yeah, we’re all busy – work, children, social lives, life changes, admin, housework, second jobs... But if you really want to do something you can make time for it. There are lots of strategies to help make sewing part of everyday life. What are your top tips for staying motivated and sewing regularly? Let’s discuss on Sunday!

Please help spread the word about the Sewing Social!