12 March 2013


There comes a point in every sewing blogger's posting career when they publish a picture of their unmentionables online. To be honest, I'm surprised it took me this long. Here they are, my first pair of handmade frillies. Oooooooh aren't they lurrrrvely? Yes, I'm asking if you like my knickers. (Rude.)

This is a buttery soft Liberty tana lawn, gifted by Sewbox - check it out, they have quite a few lovely Liberty prints at reduced prices. I've cut out another Mathilde Blouse in this fabric and made these knickers from what was left over. The pattern actually came as part of a sewing kit that I bought from Liberty itself one day when I was feeling so blue I needed an indulgence to cheer myself up. It was a cute kit, but the fabric that came with it was too small for even the smallest pattern size! So I used this instead and am delighted with the result.

I'm now brimming full of ideas for future smalls, including ribbon ties, cut out backs, lace panels... Plus I've got my eye on Mrs Depew's French knickers pattern. I can see this becoming an obsession. I've got undies on the brain, I tell you!

[Soundtrack: 'All Night Long' by Mary Jane Girls]