22 March 2013

Pattern Hack! Mathilde Blouse Without Tucks

Want to remove the tucks from your Mathilde Blouse? Easy peasy!

You will need:
- Mathilde Blouse bodice pattern piece
- paper scissors
- glue

1) Cut along the left-hand line of each of the three tucks.

2) Apply glue to the whole of each tuck and overlap the pattern pieces.

Err... and that's it! This is your new pattern piece without tucks. You can trace it off if you like or just use it as it is to create your elegant tuck-less Mathilde Blouse.

Want more Mathilde pattern hacks? Check out this gathered version, short sleeve version and Mathilde dress!


  1. thanks! but who wouldn't want the tucks ;)

  2. Thanks, I may try this for the black version I'm planning. It should be really quick to make without the tucks.

  3. The tucks are the best part! :)

  4. Hi Tilly! I just read about your upcoming tv debut on the Great Sewing Bee. I just wanted to say congratulations! I'm so excited to watch (if I can find it here in the US).

  5. Wow, you made that look so easy! I'll try it, thanks.

  6. Loving this tutorial! Thanks for sharing! New followers here. Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  7. So exciting when I opened my newspaper to not only find that the Sewing Bee was being shown soon, that I recognised that you are in it! This just makes it so super exciting! I couldn't wait to watch it when I heard it had been commissioned. I'm already rooting for ya!

  8. Hi Tilly. Just an idea: can't I simply substract the total width of the tucks from the centre front?
    Happy Sewing

    1. An even easier hack that would save you having to cut and paste and/or printing out a second set of tiles to make a second copy of the pattern piece:

      1) fold along the dash lines and make the solid lines meet up with each other, as if you were going to make the tucks on the paper pattern piece;

      2) using some low tack masking tape, tape the folds and tucks down so that the piece lays flat... a piece of masking tape every few inches will suffice - you don't need to tape the entire length of the tucks down but you don't want the folds to come undone until you've pinned and cut your fabric;

      3) pin taped pattern piece to your fabric and cut;

      4) once you've finished cutting your fabric piece, remove the pins holding the pattern piece to your fabric and then remove the masking tape from the paper pattern (allowing for the folds in the paper to fall away) and voila, you have a tuck free fabric pattern piece while maintaining the integrity of the tucks on the original paper pattern piece.


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