7 May 2013

Polka Dot Picnic Blanket Skirt

Look, I made another Picnic Blanket Skirt! Inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest that I just couldn't get out of my head, I knew I needed a polka dot skirt to wear with my Breton top collection. So I whipped this little baby up in a couple of hours. I particularly love the buttons - they're beautiful flat-top polished wood - yum. I finished the insides with French seams, which works great with the light-to-medium weight cotton that I used.

This make doubled up as preparation for a class I was teaching at Ray Stitch. The participants were all lovely and we had so much fun! A professional photographer popped along to take these photos for Ray Stitch. Other workshops I've got coming up are now listed on my dedicated workshops page if you're interested - the next one will be the Mathilde Blouse.

I love the fact that this skirt works well both with and without tights. Perfect for Spring when you just don't know whether it's gonna rain or shine. I'm currently itching to make a Summer dress in what is just the most gorgeous fabric - you're gonna love it! But is it too early to make a Summer dress?

Are you dreaming of Summer sewing too?

[Soundtrack: 'Isis' by Bob Dylan]