9 July 2013

Handmade Holiday Packing

Packing for the holiday I've just returned from, it was an absolute joy to fill my suitcase with handmade clothing. While I cheered along the Me-Made-May self-made wardrobe challenge, this year I didn't participate quite simply because I knew my schedule that month would prevent me from taking regular snaps. These days, however, most of the clothes I wear on a daily basis are handmade anyway, which is wonderful! Participating in previous Me-Made challenges has certainly encouraged me to make home-sewn clothing part of my regular lifestyle, as has focusing on making everyday wear - sewing cake as opposed to frosting, to evoke Tasia's inspired metaphor.

Anyway, here are some of my handmade holiday outfits. Turns out the Miette wrap skirt is the perfect swimwear cover up to wear for the walk to the beach - I basically lived in it all week long. I'll admit that its practicality for the beach didn't occur to me while designing the pattern in rainy London, but it's good to know!

From top left:
Blue Swallows dress
Denim Ginger skirt
Red linen Miette skirt
Polka Dot Picnic Blanket skirt
Handpainted Breton + Life's Too Short skirt
Summery Mathilde blouse
Denim Miette skirt
1970s Dress for Summer

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PPS. Forgive me for not listing where my other clothes are from but I don't feel comfortable promoting shop-bought clothing on this blog - I'd rather you made your own! I will tell you, however, that my beloved red coral necklace is from Dinosaurland Fossil Museum, cos that's how I roll...

[Soundtrack: 'Everything Goes My Way' by Metronomy]