12 July 2013

Your Miette Skirts

Can you hear me squeal each time I see a new version of the Miette skirt pop up on the interwebs? You guys are so great at choosing lovely fabrics! Check out these beauties...

Becca's pretty Miette was made from an unusual fabric...
"While digging through my fabrics, I came across a vintage sheet that I'd happened upon about a week earlier. I could almost hear the material saying, 'Use me!' The pattern was wonderful to work with. The instructions are clear and the photos of the construction process provided on Tilly's blog make sewing Miette a breeze. The only change that I made to the pattern was to omit the center seam. There just wasn't enough material to match the floral pattern at the seam on the center front, so I cut one skirt front on the fold. I have at least one other version of Miette in the works. My plan is to use another print: a white material with large black dots."

This lovely lightweight denim version by Jen of Tea for Two wouldn't look out of place in my own wardrobe. Jen says:
"I had been pondering which pattern to use for a denim or chambray skirt that would sit on my waist and be perfect for summer. Ginger? Beignet? Hmm. When Tilly released Miette and beautiful versions started popping up on the blogosphere my mind was made up. The gorgeous front bow sold it to me! The pattern and instructions are brilliant. Tilly’s online instructions, complete with numerous photos, mean there’s no second-guessing yourself. And it’s such a fun skirt to make! I’m definitely considering a version for winter. I’m thinking a light corduroy, with a nice lining and perhaps a little contrast trim, would be excellent paired with knee high boots and a cosy sweater. Watch this space!"

Sarah from Berry Barn Designs made her stunning Miette in a bright print. She said:
"I'm a little hesitant when it comes to sewing knits or zippers, so I was happy to find the Miette pattern when I went looking for a wrap-around skirt to make myself for summer. It wasn't until I happened upon this bright, bold Alexander Henry print, though, that I really got excited to get started! TI also really love Mai's version, so I have some great denim set aside to make a second Miette for fall."

Plenty more on the Miette maker gallery on Pinterest!


  1. Oh my. These are all so cute! I might have to break down and make one of these soon.

  2. I'm really really keen to start off my life as A Sewing Person with the Miette, having been firmly seduced by all the comments on how great the instructions are for beginners etc. I would like to make it a longer version though so it hits me below the knees - if anyone could point me to someone who has tried elongating the pattern I'd be very grateful! It's such a lovely skirt!

    1. The pattern has marks on it allowing you to lengthen or shorten. It will make sense when you see the pattern. Mine is just below the knee, but I'm only 5'!

    2. Thanks Karen! I'm 5'6" so I'd have to lengthen it A LOT I suppose ... ;)

  3. Wow, how cool! Your pattern is a rock star on the internet! I'm jealous of all of you sewing ladies :)

    Life of Mabel

  4. Oh yay Tilly! Thank you for including my nautical version!

  5. You should be very pleased with yourself indeed. I love my Miette and want to make another already! Piping or contrast pockets...which to choose.

  6. I love seeing all the vintage fabrics being used! It's such a flattering silhouette.

  7. Okay, I kind of squealed when I saw myself on here... Definitely need another version. I love the yellow one!


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