14 November 2018

Say Hello to A0!

Tilly and the Buttons digital patterns now include A0 pattern files!

If you're a digital pattern lover, you may be excited to hear that we now include A0 copy shop patterns with all your PDF purchases. We received feedback that many of you would love to have this option, so have been beavering away to get the files set up for all our patterns - phew!

You might be wondering what the A0 copy shop option means. Well, you can have your pattern printed on a large format printer directly onto A0 paper. Take the files to a local copy shop, or stay at home and get your pattern printed and delivered to your door by our favourite printing option, Netprinter.

Your pattern will be printed on one, two or very occasionally three large sheets (depending on the size of the pattern) and you'll be able to cut your project straight out without having to stick any of the pages together.

When you buy a PDF pattern from us, you'll still get the option of A4 / Letter sheets to print at home, as well as the large format option if that's what you prefer.
Netprinter found themselves getting more and more requests from sewists to print their A0 patterns, so designed a service specifically for our pattern needs. Woohoo!

This affordable and speedy printing option has been used many times by the team and we have always been very happy with the results They currently deliver anywhere in Europe.

Tilly and the Buttons digital patterns now include A0 pattern files!If you've ordered a PDF pattern from us in the last six months, we'll email you the copy shop version of the pattern shortly. We don't want to spam our customers, so if you ordered a PDF from us before then and would like the copy shop version, please drop us an email to let us know and we'll happily send it to you. Send your request to hello@tillyandthebuttons.com with:
  • Email subject - "A0 for me please!"
  • Include your order number(s)
  • Pattern(s) you need the file for
  • Email address your original order was sent to if different to the one you're emailing on
We have no idea how many requests we're going to get, so please do bear with us if you don't hear back straight away - we're on it ;)

Happy printing!

*This is post contains paid content from Netprinter. All the views are our own and the income helps us continue to put together free content that we hope you find helpful : ) xx