11 May 2022

Does It Have Pockets? Add In-seam Pockets To These Patterns!

Does It Have Pockets? Add In-seam Pockets To These Patterns!

The age-old sewing question... does it have pockets? 

We're big lovers of pockets here at Tilly and the Buttons, but what if the pattern you've picked out doesn't include them? Where are you supposed to hide your snacks, or how can you pose nonchalantly with your hands? Don't worry, sewists, we've got you covered with our free in-seam pocket pattern download which you can add to any suitable sewing project with a side seam!

Download the free pocket pattern

Open the pattern in Adobe Reader and print the pattern piece actual size / 100% scale on A4 or Letter size paper. Make sure you bookmark the video below or follow along with the steps in our blog post to sew yours.

Insert these pockets into your garment before you start sewing the pieces together. To decide where you want the pockets to sit – hold up the front fabric piece of your sewing project to your body, imagine putting your hands in the pockets, and mark with pins where the top of the pocket openings will fall on the side seams. Mark the same position on the back fabric piece. Simple!

Here's a round-up of inspiration for using your new best friend of a pattern piece...

Tilly and the Buttons Jaimie PJs sewing pattern

Jaimie PJs

PJs are a great place for pockets - fact! To keep the construction of these pyjama bottoms as simple as possible for newbie sewists, our Jaimie PJs sewing pattern doesn't include pockets. But if you're practising your sewing and fancy tackling pockets, it's nice and easy to add them to Jaimie. 


Tilly and the Buttons Dominique skirt sewing pattern

Dominique Skirt

In our in-seam pockets video tutorial, Abi is adding the in-seam pockets to the Dominique skirt, a classic midi or above the knee skirt sewing pattern, where pockets feel right at home if you choose to add them. 


Tilly and the Buttons Alexa jumpsuit sewing pattern

Alexa Jumpsuit

With modern details and a relaxed fit, you’ll feel as cool as a cucumber in the Alexa jumpsuit or playsuit. Alexa includes the option to add pleated flap pockets, but if that's still not enough or if you fancy all the pockets possible, in-seam pockets would be a fabulous addition to this garment.


Tilly and the Buttons Lotta dress sewing pattern

Lotta Dress

Easy to make, with no fiddly bits, Lotta is a perfect dressmaking project for beginners, or a satisfyingly speedy sew for more experienced stitchers. Lotta includes optional deep patch pockets, but switch to in-seam side pockets if you'd rather!


Tilly and the Buttons Stevie sewing pattern

Stevie Tunic

With no darts, zips or set-in sleeves, Stevie is a satisfyingly quick and easy make with a modern, boxy fit, perfect for adding in-seam pockets too!


Tilly and the Buttons Indigo add-on sewing pattern

Don't forget, if you have a sewing pattern with a great in-seam pocket pattern piece already, like our Indigo add-on sewing pattern, you can simply pinch that for any of the above patterns too! We hope this blog post has inspired you to practise your pocket sewing on your next make.

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Photography: Fanni Williams & Jane Looker