31 August 2022

Our PRINTED Size UK 6-34 Sewing Patterns So Far!

Our PRINTED Size UK 6-34 Sewing Patterns So Far!

What a busy year it's been for the Buttons so far! In March, we announced on the blog that we were going to be combining our two size bands into one to allow us to print them in the full 15 sizes from UK 6-34 (US 2-30 / EUR 34-62). Behind the scenes, working on these updates has been our biggest focus this year... so let's have a catch-up on where we are a few months later and what's coming next...

Previously, printed Tilly and the Buttons patterns have been available in either UK 6-20 or 6-24 size bands, with patterns that come in sizes UK 16-34 (US 22-30 / EUR 54-62 / AUS 26-34) being available in PDF format only. But we've now combined our sizing to be able to offer PRINTED and PDF sewing patterns in a simplified UK 6-34 size range - yay! 

Our PRINTED Size UK 6-34 Sewing Patterns So Far!

This means that we now have a wider range of sizes in print as well as PDF with a more diverse range of bodies on the covers AND, consequentially, you should be able to see a wider range of pattern sizes available to buy from fabric shops and department stores around the world. 

The body measurements go up to 152.5cm (60in) bust, 134.5cm (53in) waist and 155cm (61in) hip.

Our PRINTED Size UK 6-34 Sewing Patterns So Far!


What patterns are already printed in the full size range?

At the time of writing (August 2022), we currently have eight patterns printed in the full 15 sizes - the Coralie swimsuit and bikini, Erin dungarees, Pearl cardigan, Iris knickers, Skye sundress, Lyra shirt dress, Billie sweatshirt and dress, Coco top and dress.

Another three patterns are available in the full size range as a PDF pattern for instant download, but not all sizes are in the printed version.

What are we working on next?

We have a brand new pattern coming next week which will also be printed in the full size range (sneaky peek below!).

In addition, our plan is to continue to update our most popular patterns by printing them in the full size range as they come up for a reprint. Two of these patterns are in development at the moment, with more scheduled in for next year :)

Realistically, as a small team with a back catalogue spanning nearly a decade (!), we don't have the resources to be able to update every Tilly and the Buttons sewing pattern. So we are focusing on new designs and customer favourites that are going to be reprinted.

By the end of 2022, we are aiming to have eleven patterns printed in the full 15 sizes - yay!

Our PRINTED Size UK 6-34 Sewing Patterns So Far!

Speaking of what's next... we have a dreamy new sewing pattern just around the corner and OMG the photos! Make sure you're signed up for our email newsletters to get notified about any sewing pattern updates and our launches as our subscribers will always be the first to know.