4 March 2011

Friday Finds no.11

Bonjour! This week I have mostly been lying on the sofa, feeling ill, watching movie after movie and looking as miserable as Anna Karina but unfortunately not as pretty. Une Femme est une femme had me itching to be well again so I could skip about town wearing red tights - maybe today! Being ill has also afforded me plenty of time to read blogs and this has been a brilliant week:

- Jane shared some tips on flogging your wares at craft fairs

- Seersucker Sally wrote a fascinating post on propaganda prints in WWII fabrics

- Thought you knew how to sew on a button? Tasia will make you think again!

- Scruffy Badger used ricrac to beautify a polka dot blouse

- Wear your stitching credentials with pride by turning your notions into adorable necklaces

- Janice put together some tips on making time to sew

Au revoir, mes amis, et bon weekend!