11 March 2011

Friday Finds no.12

Spring is near! Daffodils on the table, blossom on the trees outside, and light when I wake up in the morning. It's still unbelievably cold (there is talk of snow) but at least that means I have some time to plan my S/S ' 11 wardrobe. Onwards!

- Amy Jeanne shared some delightful pictures of nautical chic from as early as 1915

- Check out this adorable embroidery animation by Holly from Unfurled (who is also hosting a Sencha pattern giveaway)

- Tasia has been a busy bee, launching her latest pattern and writing a post on tracing unprinted patterns. Such an inspiring lady!

- Colette Patterns have started a series of posts on different kinds of fabric. Hurrah!

- Plenty of Me-Made-March action all over the blogosphere but centralised on Flickr if you want a quick fix of self-stitched style

I've got a pretty exciting week coming up which I'll tell you about soon. Until then, bon weekend!