20 March 2011

One week, one skirt pattern

Have I mentioned how much I love the Beignet skirt from Colette Patterns? I love it so much, in fact, that I wore it - well, three versions of it to be precise - all last week. A homage to the more hardcore Me-Made-March troops, if you will. Plus, I went to Washington DC, so what better way to pack light than limit my wardrobe options to three skirts? (The photo in my last post was of Eleanor Roosevelt's dress at the National Museum of American History, by the way.)

Day 1 - Capitol Hill 

Day 2 - boyfriend's office in the Library of Congress

Day 3 - sipping on a margarita

Day 4 - cheesy chips at Ben's Chili Bowl 

Day 5 - Supreme Court

Day 6 - fabric shopping - more on that later, promise!

Day 7 - National Gallery of Art

The skirt proved yet again to be versatile, practical, comfortable (even on an overnight flight) and rather stylish too, if I do say so myself!