16 March 2011

Stash Amnesty! featuring Crochetie

This month's Stash Amnesty! interview is bitter sweet. I interviewed one of my favourite bloggers, the amazing Ophelia, aka Crochetie (aka Kayo, aka Etsy seller emorie tokyo). Since receiving Ophelia's responses, the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, where she lives. Ophelia and her loved ones are well, but as you know thousands are homeless, missing or dead. I hope you will read this interview, admire Ophelia's gorgeous creations and unique style, and then pop over to her blog where she plans to start selling second hand craft books to raise some money in aid of quake victims.

How long have you been sewing? How did you learn?

Ophelia: "I have been crazy about sewing for a year and two months by now. I mostly learned how to sew by Japanese sewing book which had step by step instruction with pictures. Also watching Threads DVD and YouTube videos helped me a lot. When I go shopping, I sneakily look at wrong side of garment and see how retail clothing were finished."

Please talk us through some of your favourite things in your sewing stash...

Ophelia: "I actually have several fabrics to die for, and these floral fabrics and laces are some of them. It's all done already, I mean without doing anything, they are just beautiful sitting there. But I have a mission to make them look 'more' amazing, and can't wait for working on it :)"

How is your sewing stash organized?

Ophelia: "I have a three story drawer cart near my sewing table. All my tools and threads are in there. The great part is it's roll-around, so I can have it wherever I need. When I draft a pattern or cut fabric, I move it beside a cutting table and scales, scissors, pencils and everything are ready there for me. Isn't it great?"

Do you buy fabric with sewing projects in mind or do you buy whatever takes your fancy?

Ophelia: "Most of time, I only have my color palette and material in mind. Getting solid fabric is usually as planned, but printed fabric ... oh I don't know how much I spent for them over my budget...

I often play with photoshop to see what color would work together. It's so fun, and you can try different combination without buying any fabric, so if you have a chance, try it out ;)"

When you design your clothes, where do you look for inspiration?

Ophelia: "I have variety of books and magazines to look and also visit some vintage shops online like persephone vintage, tumblr, and flickr. My most recent favorite tumblr page is Fuck Yeah 60's Fashion, it's just gorgeous.

Also watching movies is great inspiration. I often watch these movies during sewing: The Secret Life of Bees, The Notebook, How to Make an American Quilt, Catch Me If You Can, The Bridges of Madison County, Coco Before Chanel, Julie and Julia."

What projects are you planning for the future?

Ophelia: "Well, right now, I'm kind of middle of spring and summer project. But I am looking for making some cotton dresses with different type of collars."

Thank you, Ophelia, you are amazing. Readers, please remember to visit Ophelia's blog and consider buying a book in aid of the Japan earthquake relief effort.